Beyond the Stargate
Join the Star Treaders as we explore the Universe

The Beyond the Stargate course is designed to develop that space within you that will allow you to connect to Spirit, and will create new neural pathways within your brain, as your own experience takes you deeper into contact.

All of us have the ability to receive information within ourselves, but many years ago, these doorways were slammed shut for most of civilization. Dismissed as “woo-woo”, unscientific, and other pejorative terms, we were not trained to have access to the intuitive knowledge that is our birthright as human beings.

It is with this knowledge that Beyond the Stargate seeks to connect you, over the course of this class. You will be provided with the tools and the techniques that will allow this to be your reality.

  • By developing additional contacts in the Spirit world you will have better access to knowledge when it is needed.
  • By developing better grounding techniques, as provided in this program, you will not find yourself adrift within the cosmos when you seek to reach out for answers. We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience, and it is important to maintain that physical connection, without flying off too far into the spiritual.
  • By knowing who you are and what you can do, you will develop new boundaries, and limits, which allow you to live a better physical life here on earth.

This is a journey of discovery. You will discover new talents, new interests, new abilities. I can promise is that you will be changed, even transformed, by the end of this program. Your transformation is guaranteed.

By signing up for this course, the process will begin. We hope you enjoy the journey.
In this course you can learn how to:

  • Heal your personal separation from Spirit
  • Access the ancient knowledge of where we came from, and why we are here.
  • Find new Allies to help you in everyday life
  • Explore the hidden knowledge that is your birthright. 
  • Imagine and begin to create your future
  • Look within to create new connections with your Ancestors
  • Seek balance in a world out of balance
  • Accept your true mission in this life
  • Become the person you always thought you could be by developing your skills and talents as an individual, a spiritual leader & teacher. 
  • Move forward to carry out your assignments
  • Shine your Light onto the world.
This is a multiple level course. You begin with Level 1.

Next Beyond the Stargate Level 1 Webinars

Consists of  6 1-hour classes, plus private consultation

Price for this class is $997.00 which includes personal consultation.

Includes a one hour private telephone consultation with Gloria Taylor Brown.

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